Shipping Policy

Due to the high quality of the goods sold, and in line with Mostrami's philosophy, we endeavor to make every Client feel special when he or she receives a package from us. That is why all goods purchased from are packaged in an elegant and ecological signature box. We are committed to assuring our Clients the lowest possible shipping rates, and therefore when ordering the system will automatically select the most economical shipping option.

Domestic Shipping Rates

In order to provide our Clients with the best possible domestic service, our products are shipped only by DHL within Poland. The cost of domestic shipping by UPS is 16 PLN and is paid by the Client.

International Shipping Rates

Customs duties on goods received outside the European Union are calculated in accordance with the laws of the country to which they are shipped; the value of which is not dependent on the Store.


Shipping rates based on destination and carrier: 


 Polish Postal ServiceUPS
air freight
road freight
Europe in the EU 110 zł 70 zł 60 zł
Europe outside the EU 120 zł 180 zł -
North America 130 zł 185 zł -
South America 140 zł 260 zł -
Asia 140 zł 220 zł -
Australia and Oceania 190 zł 220 zł -
Africa 130 zł 250 zł -


Delivery Times

Delivery times for parcels sent via the Polish Postal Service within Europe are approximately 14 days; outside of Europe they can take up to 21 days. DHL and UPS deliveries are generally made within 2 business days in Poland, and from 3 to 5 days internationally.

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